SL-3 Best vacuum cleaner for office cleaning

12 liter or 3 gallon dry application purpose high perfomance vacuum cleaner

SL-3 Vacuum Cleaner

  • Use it for dry application
  • 12 liter capacity
  • Excellent triple air filtration
  • HEPA or FINE filter, click for detail
  • Highperformance motor
  • Separate plug for a power brush
  • Metal motor housing, metal casters, metal intake nozzle and metal latch
  • This vacuum may work for you for 30 years

What a joy to use it

This SL-3 vacuum cleaner has 12 liter (3 gal) capacity. We build these machines to withstand the most rigorous use. Many of the machines made in 1970’s are still in use. The long life expectancy is due to the fact that we are using metal components instead of plastic. For-instance, motor housing, casters, intake nozzle and latches are all metal. However, if you just want a cheap low priced vacuum cleaner made out of plastic, please consider to purchase a brand other than Centaur.


The SL-3 is portable and very easy to roll on the carpet. It doesn’t have plastic casters, it has four steel base, double ball bearing casters. Yes, that’s right, double ball-bearing casters which is very rare amongst the vacuum cleaner. They last for a long time – 20 year from today they still roll with ease.

A vacuum cleaner is only as good as its FILTER!

fat Janitor

The SL-3 has three of them.
The paper filter will package the dirt.
The cloth filter will filter out most of the dust.
The last stage of the filters is the Micro filter which filters the air to 5 micron size.
Most recently we changed the motor to a high performance type which generates high air speed to pick up dirt. This motor is one of the best in the industry.

Tips and Tricks of the trade

For heavy duty cleaning, you may wish to consider replacing the Kit#73 with following tool;

To make the machine first rate, the SL-3 has a power outlet into which power brush can be plugged in.

This is it in a nutshell. Indeed it is not the least expensive on the market, but it is a high quality, reliable and long lasting machine. Don’t take our word for it, just ask around. We are making these vacuums over 50 years and counting.


  • SL-3 c/w 10 hose. Part# 1W12010
  • SL-3 c/w hose and Tool kit #73. Part #1W12015

    toolkit_73 for the SL-3 vacuum. It has a flip-flop lever to switch from hard surface to soft surface cleaning

    Tool kit #73 (part #1B49973)