SL-6, – SL-8

SL-6,- SL-8 vacuum cleaners

SL-6,- SL-8 vacuum cleaners  for office cleaning

  • 20 liter (5 gal) capacity
  • Built from metal parts (motor housing, casters, intake nozzle, latches)
  • Portable
  • Washable cloth filter
  • Double ball bearing casters
  • Built in flat receptacle for a power brush use
  • Powerful, portable and extremely durable

Perfect size for office cleaning

SL-6, – SL-8 are a wet and dry pick up type vacuum cleaner with the capacity 20 liter (5 gallon) which is a perfect size to clean offices. The SL-6 has the regular motor while the SL-8 has a turbo charged motor. The machine body made of heavy polyethylene while the top is chrome plated steel. The 4 casters are steel-ball bearing and polyurethane rolling ball. These machines are excellent for day-in and day-out hard work.

We build the SL-6,- SL-8 vacuum cleaners to withstand the most rigorous use. Machines made 40 years ago are still in use.

Cleaning woman

Let me tell you the SL-8 vacuum story

For many years, we produced the SL-7 vacuum cleaner, which was a very powerful machine. It was unique, as there were no other small vacuum on the market which would match its performance. It was a great machine. The janitors loved it because it sped up the cleaning process so much that it paid for itself in a few months. The carpet cleaners adored it because the machine pulled liquid from carpets like no other small machine could.

The SL-7 was small, only 20 liters, but it had a huge motor in it. Which made the vacuum heavy and the replacement cost of the motor was expensive. Even with these traits, the machine was a great success because it outperformed all other small vacuums on the market. Its speedy ability to clean floors and carpets was unmatched. To pull water out of carpets was phenomenal. It was a great hit on golf courses. No, it didn’t play golf but it thoroughly removed the sand from the lobby carpet. It made the carpet look like the sand never existed.

We manufactured this machine for years

Then one day the motor manufacturer degraded the performance of the motor. Needless to say our enthusiasm flew out of the window. After some search, we got lucky and found another manufacturer with a better performing motor.

We renamed it to SL-8

The SL-8 looks, smells and rolls like the old SL-7. But it stops there. The motor performance is better and its cost is less. That made the machine less expensive. Voila, we are back to the cleaning. Now we can supply a powerful 20 liter vacuum with the reduced cost. After all, good things do happen.

Tips and Tricks of the trade

For heavy duty cleaning, you may wish to consider replacing the Tool Kit #74 with

  • SL-6 c/w 10ft hose. Part # 1W12030
  • SL-6 c/w 10ft hose & tool kit #74. Part # 1W12032
  • SL-8 c/w 10ft hose. Part # 1W12034
  • SL-8 c/w 10ft hose and tool kit #74. Part # 1W12035
  • The SL-8 vacuum differ from the SL-6 by having a much higher performing motor

Wet and dry tool kit number 74 used with SL-6, SL-7, SL-8 vacuum cleaners. A three piece wand + combinaiton tool + squeegee


Tool kit #74 (part #1B49974)