StoneLinc PC

StoneLinc PC marble polishing powder

Marble polishing compound. Mix it with water trowel it on floor and with a white pad on floor machine polish the marble floor

Marble Polishing Compound

Great result!

  • Packaged in 10 kg
  • Packaged in 2.5 kg
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting effect on the floor
  • Long shelf life


StoneLinc PC polishing powder is a water soluble mixture which is great for polishing marble. StoneLinc PC polishing powder has proven itself time and time again; it never fails to produce a shiny result.

In essence the result is either stunning or magnificent. While the best finish can be achieved after 3500 grit diamonds, it will still give the floor a nice shine even after 800 grit diamonds. You may consider this a good solution for the price conscious customer. There is 10kg in the package which will go a long way.

Here is how it works

Janitor stick polish

Click on this link to see the detail polishing powder.

Don’t forget to put an extra 40lb weight on the machine. Keep the slurry and the floor wet at all times by adding a little water to it occasionally.

When the job is finished, rinse the floor. Then use a dry and clean white pad to remove the haze. You must take the haze off either with a dry pad or use a tiny amount of water.
After which You will get a superior shine. Keep the left over mixture in a closed container. If it dries out, just stir it up with water.


  • StoneLinc PC 10kg Part # 8A10050
  • StoneLinc PC 2.5kg Part # 8A10051